Best New Orleans Saints Ever

If you’re like me, then you’re hurting right now. Basketball has just ended, hockey is over and baseball just absolutely sucks. It’s rough right now for sports fans, and hopefully the Olympics can hold me over until the king of all sports returns. I’m talking about the NFL. I can feel my inner beast stirring at the thought of it! We are only a few more months away and in honor of the great one’s return we’re going to play sports fans’ favorite game, who’s the best?

Today’s subject will be the New Orleans Saints. We, or rather I, am going to discuss the top Saints players of all time, if time were to end today. Hopefully, one of this year’s draft picks can join this list.

As always, before you lose complete control of your anger, read til the end.  You won’t find Ricky Williams on this list, since that was one of the worst trades of all-time.

Marques Colston

Drafted in 2006, Colston took off like a rocket immediately. From his rookie year up to now, he’s always started. The chemistry between him and Drew Brees was instant and explosive on the field. By the end of his rookie season he was 2nd place for Offensive Rookie of the Year with: 70 receptions, 1038 yards and 8 TD’s. During the Saints’ Superbowl run, Colston finished the game with 7 receptions for 83 yards and a Superbowl ring. He’s never played for anyone else and doesn’t want to, a fact that is not lost on Saints fans. When it comes to the Saints, Colston is: 1st in receptions with 684, 1st in receiving yards with 9439 and 1st in TD’s with 68.

Deuce McAllister

McAllister was drafted by the Saints in 2001, one year before the exit of Ricky Williams. Recognizing that it was time to step up and be the running back the former couldn’t be, McAllister’s work on the field has cemented him as one of the most beloved Saints players of all time. Don’t mistake those roars from the crowd as boos in New Orleans’ stadium when he touched the ball, they were yelling “Deuce!”. Here are some of his numbers: 1st Saints running back to rush for 1000+ yards in three straight seasons, 1st in all time Saints rushing yards with 6069, 1st in all time Saints rushing TD’s with 49, 4th in receiving TD’s for a running back with 5 and 4th in receiving yards by a running back with 1720.  He’s a member of the 45th Anniversary team.

Archie Manning

You just knew a Manning was going to make the list! You can’t argue with it though. He racked up 21,734 yards in his twelve seasons and is currently third in the Saints record books with 115 TD’s. Even the most die hard of fans will admit that the Saints have been the “aints” longer than they’ve been winners and during those dark days, Manning was a ray of light.

Ricky Jackson

Jackson was a linebacker for the Saints for 13 years and was inducted into the Saints’ Hall of fame. He was named to the All Rookie Team and during his entire Saints run, he only missed 2 games due to an accident. He still played with his jaw wired shut (looking at you Kanye) and showed New Orleans the definition of tough as nails. In 2010 he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Drew Brees

Washed out. Too short. 7 Pro Bowls. Superbowl MVP. Led NFL in touchdown passes, yards and 300 yard games. Not done yet. We still have him so there is a chance for the 2016 season.

There is no one on the planet that can contest this mans numbers or his importance to the team. Destined for just about every hall of fame, Drew Brees is the Saint of all Saints.